Sony Bravia LED 3D TV vs. LG Cinema 3D HD TV

TVs being released in the market is now becoming more and more advanced. High tech features like 3D and internet capabilities are within reach in those new TV models. In this post, you’re able to read and examine of two best collection of 3D empowered Smart TVs,  Namely the Sony KDL-55HX820 LED TV, and the LG LM9600 Cinema Smart TV. Let us compare both in various important specifications and let’s try to see which is more superior.

LG CINEMA 3D SMART TV Specification

Video Specifications

In thier conditions of smart tv display functionality, let us evaluate the Sony and LG smart tv products via each specification.,

  1. Native Resolution

Sony 55HX820

In terms of resolution, the Series 9 has a boastful 1,920 x 1,080 pixels which is just suitable for displaying full HD images and videos.

LG LM9600

For full HD experience, LG has the same resolution of 1,920×1080 pixels too as with its Sony rival.

  2. Contrast Ratio

Sony 55HX820

This is where this smart TV shines, as the dynamic contrast ratio for this is at a value so big that it is considered infinite! The display of the screen has so much color definitions and has the deepest blacks and whites for the best visual experience possible.

LG LM9600

Though LG has a great contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1, it lacks behind Sony by a huge margin.

3. Video Frequency

Sony 55HX820

For some reason, Sony did not maximize speed of moving images by having only a maximum of 240Hz for the 55HX820. This might be a catch of the ultra high contrast ratio.

LG LM9600

This is where LG shines over its rival as with LM9600’s TruMotion maximum of 480Hz, it can present smoother image motion for better entertainment.


Input and outputs ports are as important as all the other technical specs, so let us dissect each model to see what ports are available for connection.


Sony 55HX820: For high definition video streaming, Sony has 4 rear HDMI ports for connecting those high def capable devices. 2 on the sides, and 2 on the rear.

LG LM9600: LM9600 has 4 HDMI ports as with 55HX820.

2. Other Ports

Sony 55HX820: UN46C9000ZF has generous 3 USB ports for all those multi media files viewing. As usual, the component and composite video ports are there. Not to be left behind are PC ports too for both video and sound.

LG LM9600: LM9600 has basically the same number of USB ports and video/composite ports. All other brands’ modern smart TVs should be similar too in the available ports.


For audio functionality, let us explore in brief what the two designs have to offers you.

Sony 55HX820: Sony infused its Sony Original S-Force Front Surround 3D feature that is truly revolutionary. It partnered with Dolby too for its Dolby Digital and Pulse added feature for more sound definitions. The usual other sound settings are options are there too for further customizations depending on the user’s preference.

LG LM9600: LG’s still maintains its trademark Clear Voice II feature to emphasize human voice sounds. Adjusting sound settings like bass and treble is possible, and preset sound profiles are available too for easy tuning.

Smart TV Platform: For apps, tweaking, and navigation, any Smart TV should have an intuitive concept of GUI platform that makes it smart. So let us see take a look at Sony and LG’s Smart TV platforms.

Sony Bravia Internet Video

Sony KDL-55HX820 LED TV

Sony KDL-55HX820 LED TV: Sony jumped right on the Smart TV GUI scene by having its trademark Sony Entertainment Network platform for its settings and apps navigation. In terms of appearance, this platform is similar to Sony PSP and PS3 units’ operating system which is the cross media bar or XMB which Sony also incorporated in its Smart TV’s menu system. Lots of apps are there by default such as the interesting Sony Unlimited Video and Music services. For controls, you can download the BD Remote app for iPhone, iPod, or Android mobile phones to turn them to remote controls for your Sony TV!

LG Cinema Smart TV reviews

the LG LM9600 Cinema Smart TV

LG LM9600 Cinema Smart TV: LG’s platform is great though it is seen as only on second place with respect to Samsung which is the current leading Smart TV platform. Like other platforms, LG has various innovative apps too like those for video streaming and internet connection etc. But due to its non-slick and non-organized content arrangement, they are a set back compared to its competitions. But the great thing is that it still has a well organized app selection interface with good key features such as BBC iPlayer, AceTrax, Blinkbox, ITN, and Cartoon Network.

So there you have it! These models of Smart TVs by Sony and LG offer a truly high tech and exciting TV experience. Toe to toe, Sony has an advantage with its unlimited contrast ratio, but LG offers twice the maximum frequency for moving images. Budget and needs come into play, so decide on which is the better choice having the price and specs in mind. But whatever model you choose, you are sure to enjoy the new era of TV experience!



Author: Aubrey Samson is a freelance programmer, an annual mountaineer and a former mathematics Tutor. She’s also into watching 3D movies, listening to music and composing songs, Her influences are pop and R&B. Follow her escapades on her Twitter.


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