What is DOS? How to change background color in command prompt (DOS)

Command Prompt DOSDOS stands for disk operating system (an operating system accept all commands through the user as a english languages and convert automatically in to own machine languages(Binary languages is also known as machine language that is represent in two numbers 0 and 1) . and give you desired result means results according to users). Our computers read only binary languages so computer read our command and gives satisfied result or we can say in other word operating system cats like as a interface between user and hardware. and it is most commonly used as a single user interface. A Single User Interface means single person serve a single work on this operating system. Example of DOSMAC OSWindows NT. Just oppose Multi User Interface is at a time a user access a multi tasks. DOS is a command based operating system it all work done by a coorect syntax with command. So we are also called DOS is Character Userr Interface.

How to change Background color in command prompt or DOS?

Al l DOS user know that its background and fore ground color is black & white.  I mean to say that Background clolor is their where we access command and foreground is their font color. Now we want to change both color in CMD. Lets Explain how is possible.

First start DOS Application:

1.) go to start menu press all programmes

2.) select accessories

3.) select command prompt

open command prompt

Second way via shortcut key

Press start button with R

Open run Window( show as an above image)

:-type cmd, command, cmd.exe any one as you want and pres enter.

 Default color of DOS (command Prompt)

Now start type a command for fill a color in back-ground and fore-ground

C:\> color 1e

change the color after using color command

Here color is a command to access the chnge of color as you want an d m fil the two clolor code 1 is background color and another change fore ground color means change text color. and E both are color code. Below I am define all color code which is support in DOS. 

color code using for command prompt


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